Y1 Hockey Background

Your’e always told ”Don’t do that, Keep it simple”. We disagree……. We believe a hockey player is expressive. They try something new, they test their boundaries & they constantly re-invent the way the game is played.

Y1 Hockey is a brand that facilitates that sort of player.

Founded in 2015 by three fun-loving hockey players with the close support of family, friends and teammates, Y1 Hockey has built up a huge amount of support from players who challenge the status quo. We started by getting the sticks in the hands of the most promising young players in the southwest of England and within weeks we were getting interest from people around the world. Now, a year later, amid our ranks we have international, national and club players all that share the philosophy that hockey is a way of life and not just a sport.

Y1 Hockey is not just a brand. It is way of life, it is a shared philosophy and an identity!!

“Run the game, own the pitch”

The emergence of the Y1 Brand:

Y1 Hockey is the brother company of other Y1 Enterprises that shares the philosophy of making the most of your youth. To have a look at this in more detail then look on the respective website but here is a rough outline of the emergence of the Y1 brand?

YoungOnes Apparel (www.youngonesapparel.com)

Founded at University by 2 international hockey stars Chris Rea (USA GK) and Tom Carson (GB Forward), YoungOnes Apparel was created in order to bring fashionable, comfortable and affordable clothing to the masses.

In 2013 they appeared on Dragons’ Den where they were made an offer by Duncan Bannatyne, however, they turned this down to remain as an independent fashion label.

Since then YoungOnes has become a brand representing the youth generation, the risk takers, the fun lovers and the people who believe you should make the most of your youth.

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