JDH Sticks

JDH Sticks have been designed and manufactured with extreme detail. Jamie has pored over every aspect of his sticks, using all of his knowledge and experience to create something truly special. From endcap to toe, Jamie has created the perfect hockey stick, something he is proud to put his name on and others are proud to use. Let us tell you a little more about why we think you should try one for yourself.

Bow Design

Every player is unique and has their own playing style, choosing the Bow that is right for you is an important decision. Our range has four different Bow’s, this is something not all manufacturers offer but we feel is important.


“Layup” is the combination of a sticks materials to create the perfect balance between Power and Feel. The goal is to create a stick that is extremely stiff, sometimes referred to as “Stiffness” to ensure power when striking the ball, yet soft enough in your hands to make traps smoothly and beat the opposition in one on one contests. Jamie’s custom Layup has achieved this balance has the best combination of materials on the market to create the perfect hockey stick.


Over the years, hockey sticks have become lighter and lighter. With today’s advanced materials we are able to create extremely light sticks whilst maintaining stiffness and power which traditionally was not possible.

JDH sticks are some of the lightest on the market, whilst each stick is unique, our average stick weight is 520grams and is the perfect weight for fast stick speed and devastating power.

Balance Point

Balance Point is the position on the stick where the weight is distributed evenly on either side. A higher balance point (further away from the head) means a lighter feel in the hands as the majority of the weight is in the handle. The result is a lighter feeling stick which helps with skills and swing speed, creating more powerful striking power.

Jamie has designed sticks with a balance point at the 39.5cm mark, while some small natural variations may occur. Jamie finds this point to be perfect for the modern game